For purposes of playing guitar tabs are a natural choice (as opposed to classical musical notes ↗ are not ideal).

My tabs ↗ which follow the format described further can be found on Github ↗.


The easiest choice, with no setup, is to create ascii tabs ↗ using a text editor.

There are many ways to create ascii tabs because they don’t have a fixed format. I chose the following order: meta-information, text with chords, fingerstyle.


May be empty. It does not contain the interpret or song name (those are in the file name). Can provide utility video/audio link

Official Video:
Thanks to <user> for transcription which inspired this TAB.
<address of the transcription>
Originally is played starting with Cm and low E tuned down to C
Tutorial on how to count bridge:

If the tab is incomplete, write what is missing!

! missing chords
! bad formatting
! missing fingerstyle


Text with easy chord progression might look as follows. If the progression is hard, then the chords can be put on a line above the respective text.

[Verse 1]  Em Em D C,  G H Em Em
    So close no matter how far
    Couldn't be much more from the heart
    Forever trustin' who we are
    And nothing else matters
[Violin solo]


Starts with guitar tuning, followed by what frets should be played. The bar lines should be equidistant. Any diviations from the beat should be described in words. Symbols used should be as described on the Wikipedia ↗.


Several programs

There is some software for writing the notation which I did not try.