Some logos of brands, companies, software products, etc. sorted by my perceived complexity and memorability. I do not consider shading an issue as we may remove it to get a flat-design logo.

I find the following logos to be extremely simple and clear.

ansible.png apple.png archlinux.png bitbucket.png bitcoin.png ethereum.png facebook.png git.png gitlab.png google.png jira.png kotlin.png mario.png mcdonald.png microsoft.png nebula.png npm.png open_source_initiative.png pepsi.png powershell.png spotify.png target.png trello.png vscode.png walmart.png windows.png wise.png youtube.png zoom.png

These are touch too complex to hard to draw accurately from memory.

amazon.png atlassian.png atom.png cnp.png java.png minecraft.png neovim.png python.png redhat.png ruby.png swift.png twitch.png twitter.png ubuntu.png wikimedia.png

The following are either way too complex to draw or a bit boring (typically too much text). The further groups are going more and more in that direction.

c.png counter_strike.png cpp.png csharp.png github.png hp.png ibm.png intellij.png jetbrains.png microsoft_word.png nasa.png nike.png r.png rolex.png rolling_stones.png rust.png saudi_aramco.png selenium.png

reality_labs.png pringles.png burger_king.png go.png hbo.png huawei.png legend_of_zelda.png matlab.png php.png starbucks.png tex.png visa.png

adidas.png coca_cola.png docker.png fedex.png latex.png linux.png perl.png skyrim.png vim.png

ferrari.png graphviz.png groovy.png harvard.png jenkins.png kfc.png perl.png wikipedia.png