There are only a few public projects that I admire and Manim became a candidate to place among them. Using Manim you can make programmical animations and pictures. It is written in python3 and connects to ffmpeg to render video. Although its output is bitmap it holds vectors in its representation for as long as it can. It started as a project of 3b1b ↗ who opened it to public via Community Edition.

It is very easy to create high-quality animations so the main obstacle for a creator is to have a plan for what to create and know how to code in python a bit. I was surprised it is in version 0.17.3 as its outputs look very polished. Knowing it is not fully released, it is not surprising that the project is riddled with bugs and you may stumble upon weird things when using it. The community knows this, feel free to ask them on Discord when you have issues. Many bugs are being fixed so I have high hopes for this project. There are the most important websites you should know about:

Let me also link my Manim materials post. It is in its baby phase but will eventually grow to show what features Manim offers.