Hi! So, I’ve been thinking whether to write more posts on this blog and decided to create a post every week. Then three weeks went by and I did not finish any single post. So let me try again. I claim that I’ll do a post each week from now on – we’ll see how it goes.

My main motivation is to improve in non-technical (but also technical) writing. I spend majority of my time slowly writing a precise text or going over it again and again, making sure it is correct, or writing code (which is basically the same thing). This blog shall serve the other side of the writing profession – writing more spontaneously and learning how to spell words (no, it’s not spotaneougly). No one improved their writing style by not writing.

The posts shall probably be about things I find interesting in a given week. There is a high probability of mathematics, design, code, algorithms, tutorials, scripting, board games, and travel reports. And for this kind of post the dedicated tag shall be rant.

Anyway, I’m bad at geography (and many other normal things), so I tried to make it better with geoguessr ↗.

Try to beat me :) ↗

geogessr result

PS: sorry to Bahrain and Malaysia