This website is split between into two main parts. First are blog posts that are time-sensitive and eventually go out-of-date. Second is called material that is meant to be updated regularly or capture time-insensitive information.

Page about my system setup used to only list some programs I used or knew about and it was terribly out-of-date … so the time came up to update it.

Though I am quite satisfied with my current setup there are still some minor things that I would like to fix eventually. Namely

  • display does not switch automatically when screen is connected,
  • woul’d like to improve autojump to go over only through some folders,
  • AwesomeWM may get out-of-date with the switch from X to Wayland on Ubuntu,
  • my configuration is not yet public.

We’ll see whether I decide to sink more time into it then I already did. It is already nerve-racking to update as every other time something breaks. On the other hand the setup is lightyears ahead of casual users and allows me to do things that look like magic.