Wall world ↗ is a 14-hour ↗ rouge-lite digging game where you take on a role of a operator of a mech that can climb the Wall. The world consists only of the Wall and creatures from no-one-knows-where constantly attack you. You go and dig the Wall to find powerful upgrades while always escaping just before your mech gets destroyed by overwhelming waves of enemies.

I enjoyed this game a lot. It reminded me of times when I tried to find good games about digging and the only things I found were shitty flash games. A problem of these games is that to dig further the dug-out tunnels need to be traversed to get to the same place. This is a boring part of such games and is nicely tackled within Wall World by spreading mines apart and restricting depth of each site.

The progression is well-paced as with each run something new is unlocked. New items and abilities have high impact on the next run. Each run is also somewhat unique because within the mines you discover upgrades and new tools. Upgrades can normally be purchased so discovering them may save you lot of resources. Some of the tools are entirely new things you can do (e.g. a bomb for mining), weapons, or big upgrades to your mech that can be permanently purchased after the run.

However, there are problems. The game contains several minor bugs, some of which were dealt with in a recent update. The only thing that felt was underwhelming is the final boss fight, or more precisely, the lack of it. Your goal is to get sufficiently upgraded to walk through everything thrown your way and to collect McGuffins. The story background is given at the beginning and we get bits and pieces throughout.