It is difficult to be consistent about anything. In good mood I decide to do something, then priorities change and I stop it. But the big ideas always boomerang back to me and I find myself thinking about them again. I am very glad that five years ago circumstances made me create this website. To an accidental reader, I wish to convey that it serves as a overview of my past thoughts. So I find it unlikely that any content will be retroactively changed aside from grammar and spell corrections, or for structural rearrangement (moving files elsewhere).

One difficult thing are these rants. In the beginning of 2023, I thought I have enough determination to write every week. The last two months prove otherwise. Perhaps I walked through the leaves and find some strength to write again. Perhaps writing now was caused by writing down shower ideas on short articles. … I should restart writing down what I dreamt about, eh.

Yesterday, I removed 10 writing reminders; now I’m writing. It seems to come more naturally when I do not force myself to do it.

Progress report: Rewrite of the hierarchy of parameters is coming along. Several papers write-ups are in works and others are pending. Further learning of methods in parameterized algorithms is in progress.